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What kind of backyard storage shed is best?

For homeowners who are running out of space to store their things, a backyard shed can be just what they need to solve their storage problems. Sheds can provide safety from the elements and a secure environment from potential thieves. They can also add a ton of square footage to the total storage space available at any given home.

Once a homeowner decides that they would like to buy a backyard storage shed, the first thing they must do is choose from the myriad designs and dimensions that are available. Backyard sheds can range in price from $50 to well over $10,000. The dimensions can be similarly different. Whether the homeowner only needs a closet-sized shed or a serious pole barn that’s capable of holding multiple cars and has a loft above for storage, there is a shed perfect for the needs of the buyer.

It’s usually better to go with quality

backyard shed is best viewed as an addition to your home. While it’s certainly possible to get a 100-square foot storage shed for just a few hundred dollars, going with a high-quality, barn-style shed can add significant value to your home. Value-enhancing sheds, such as those sold by Timberline Barns, can instantly add more value to your home than they cost, effectively paying for themselves and even showing a profit. For this reason, it is often the best option to go with a higher-quality, more expensive model.

Another benefit of high-end barn-style sheds is that they are extremely durable. Many of these backyard sheds can be attached to a concrete foundation, making them as sturdy or even sturdier than an actual home. This solid construction and sturdiness ensures that your valuable tools, vehicles and mechanical devices will be safe and secure, no matter what Mother Nature tries to throw your way.

That said, there are cheaper options. Corrugated aluminum and metal sheds can cost dramatically less, for a similar amount of space. They can solve your storage space needs cheaply and quickly. Many cheaper sheds are also far more portable, being able to be set up and torn down in a hurry.

However, these metal sheds tend not to add value to the property. In fact, in many cases, the presence of a metal shed will be a detriment to the home’s worth. Cheaper sheds also tend to be, unsurprisingly, constructed in a less robust way. They are often toppled by fierce winds and can even become dangerous in severe thunderstorms, often becoming uprooted and thrown by the wind, contents and all.

When weighing these options, it is always important to consider that even though a metal shed may only cost a fraction of a high-quality wooden shed, the latter will likely last forever and can instantly raise the home’s value. A wood shed on a concrete frame is, therefore, the best option for the homeowner looking for a permanent, aesthetically pleasing and value-enhancing solution to his lack of storage space. A barn-style shed is the right choice.