Thinking About Traveling With a Toddler? Read This Article First!

Traveling the world when you are single or just have a partner is an easy task to accomplish. After all, you’re a grown adult with only yourself to worry about. Of course, once you start a family and have toddlers you quickly realize that these types of adventures are a thing of the past.

However, that doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t still enjoy world travel.

Below are some great tips to help take the stress out of flying with a toddler


Pack Your Bag a Week Early

While it’s true that you will need all of your daily items before your trip, a week before, start to make a list of the items you use daily. Once you have this list, use it to pretend to pack a bag to not only see if you can carry everything on the plane with you but also to use for scenarios.

For example, while you have your bag packed, think about what you will do if your toddler starts crying and consider what items you have in your bag. If you think of an idea which requires an item you haven’t packed, add it to the list!

Once you have everything set, you can confidently pack this bag again the morning before you leave with the knowledge that you have all of your bases covered.


Keep Their Belly Filled

Just as you start to get a little agitated as lunchtime approaches, so too do your children raise problems when their tummies are empty.

For this reason, be sure to pack some snack for the trip. A great place to start is with a small box from the Groupon Coupons page for Shari’s Berries as these can keep your toddler’s belly filled and their taste buds happy. While you may be limited in the liquids that you can bring, there will be a chance to buy more drinks such as water or soda at a kiosk before you board the plane. This is also a good place to stop if you forget any snacks or you are looking for something more substantial before you fly.


Dress for Comfort

While there was once a time where you would dress up to get on an airplane, those days are well and truly gone. Nowadays, airlines are happy if you simply turn up in your pajamas and adequate foot covering.

With this in mind, instead of dressing up your toddler in their best clothes, consider traveling with them in their pajamas or comfortable loose clothing they can move around in. Remember that sitting on an airplane seat isn’t comfortable, so be sure their clothing allows them to move around the chair and find a spot they can sleep in.



Of course, it’s important that you remember to take entertainment with you. Whether this includes a set of books, a music player, or even your tablet to watch movies, be sure to pack it. In addition, be sure that any of the electronic devices you bring with you will work when you are in the airplane and don’t have internet reception.

Traveling with a toddler doesn’t have to be the nightmare experience you see in all of the movies. Instead, take these tips into account when you are preparing for your next journey and enjoy a peaceful and stress-free travel experience.