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Who Is Cueio?

A lot of people still don’t know this web series but it is actually named Cueio, the name of the protagonist is Cueio. Cueio is a character with rabbit features, having big fluffy ears with red eyes and he has also a short tail and is so cute. The web series is about a hero rabbit that transforms into humanoid form when fighting the bad guys. When in humanoid form, the warrior rabbit will lose his cute tail but will gain muscles that will help him defeat the enemy. At first glance you see that Cueio will look tamed and innocent and the type that don’t know how to fight but after the transformation he will be ready to fight anyone. The series will be able to show you what Cueio will be doing in his daily tasks and activity. In the web series, Cueio will show you what he likes eating, that will be porridge and cowbells in both rabbit and warrior form. When in danger, he still tries to save everyone even if he is already unstable in his humanoid form.

The character Cueio Coelho Coeiu showcase a feature of his inner self that when in a certain scene, there will be also some deep appreciation for other characters. The rabbit is really good in having fun with other characters even if he is already in the spotlight. The things that happen will not matter even if he fails, he will still stay positive, that is Cueio for you. Cueio is really curios with what does around the environment and still have time to tackle some cowbells. One episode was featured about the rabbit trying a sock that he got from his cousin and was about a holiday setting or theme. The story is about the main character always going out of his comfort zone to try and get new friends and try to save them even if he is already unstable just to save the day.

If the rabbit transforms to humanoid form, he will get so many skills that he can only show when in that form. These skills are really impressive, imagine that he can do push ups with just one leg and can even beat his enemies with one single blow with all of his might. He hit Crocodilo with that skill at one point in an episode where they were battling for strength. The amazing speed he has is because of the strong legs and arms and can attack from everywhere because of is agility. Cueio is a good rabbit so all the power he has will only be used against his enemies, he will never attack a friend or ally.
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A good role model is Cueio for being so good.Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Entertainment? This May Help