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The Importance of Testing the Water in Your Pool

One of the biggest investments to your house is having a pool. Taking care of this enjoyable addition requires regular testing of the water. Pools Pittsburgh area can lead to expensive maintenance bills and nasty surprises if not taken care of properly.

Test and Balance Water Chemical Levels

When testing pool water chemicals, there are four chemical levels that are critical to making sure the water is healthy: calcium hardness, pH, free chlorine and total alkalinity. For instance, the right pH balance means you are getting the most out of sanitizing chemicals.

These compounds work together with a water conditioner known as cyanuric acid. This compound is also referred to as sunblock. Keeping each chemical properly balanced helps to keep the water in your pool sparkling and ready for a swim.

You should be prepared to take action of an analysis of the water indicates levels are too high or low for one or more chemicals. Readings will let you know which pool treatment products are necessary to add.

When to Test

Checking for a perfect water balance is an essential first step to determining when to test pools Pittsburg area. It is a good practice to get a water sample a few days before the start of pool season. Take the sample to a pool store to have it professionally analyzed.

Continuing to do this once a month helps to ensure the water stays perfectly balanced throughout pool season.

Effects of Adverse Weather

Another time to test the water in your pool is before and after adverse weather hits your area. The chemicals will lose their effectiveness if you endure abnormally hot days. As the water evaporates, compounds needed to maintain a clean and healthy balance will evaporate.

Equally, pH levels become greatly reduced if there has been a lot of rain. Not only will it become uncomfortable to swim, but damage to equipment and pool surface will also occur.

The lifespan of your pool depends on pool water testing to keep chemicals in balance. Maintaining the health and safety of friends and family is also dependent on regular testing. Correcting issues ensures many years of backyard enjoyment!