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The Beginner’s Guide to Scooters

Learn How to Use the Kick Scooter It is possible that you wave watch some expert scooter riders delight themselves with the scooters and you have wished to do the same. It is also possible that you have wanted the scooter riding videos on YouTube and then met the local riders do some funny moves. This could have made you feel the desire to learn how to ride the scooters though you did not have starting point. It is good that you start by learning the kick scooters basics. Safety is a priority for any rider. Now that you a new rider, you need to have extra protection. It is advisable that you get the helmet, knee and wrist pads and you will be good to go. Then look for a place that is low in traffic and one that is flat and smooth. Later, you can move to places with a rough terrain and higher traffic. Holes and cracks can trip your ride and you should avoid them. It is now time to learn the right body position. Place your hands on either side of the handlebars. One foot should be firmly on the ground while the other should be in the center of the deck. You are now ready to push. use the foot that is on the ground to push the scooter forward. Keep the foot hovering about an inch above the ground as you glide. This foot will assist you with support in case you loose balance.
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Now that you have spent off, it is time to look for balance. Now try to bring the foot on the ground to the other scooter’s deck. It will be easier to establish to balance if you place the front long vertical tube of your scooter straight. Proper use of brakes is a safety as well as procedural skills. The left foot is handy when pressing the brakes. To slow down, press the brakes gently and press hard to stop in seconds. When moving down the slopes, have your foot on the brakes.
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Turn the handle bar slowly when negotiating corners. A fast rotation may cause loss of balance and therefore fall. The best way to learn how to ride the scooters like pro is through practice. Repeat the above procedures and you will be fine in a matter of time. You can go on to enjoy scooter riding and keep on gaining advanced skills from fellow riders. At the best scooter store, you will find the best choice of your scooter that will make you delighted. You can make your child happy by purchasing the best kick scooter at an affordable price. There are several alternatives of kick scooters that you can choose from depending on your preferences.