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What To Look For In A Car Wash Dryer

For your business operations to run a little smoother, it is a must to choose only a high quality car wash dryer. Most drying systems that get the job done right are made by specific manufacturers who specialize in all things related to car wash equipment. The difference, however, lies in the on board and free standing dryer’s fan type and housing materials.

Choosing The Right Kind of Dryer
Automatic car wash businesses are always better off with on board and free standing dryer types since they get the job done better.

An on board car wash dryer can be seen at the end of the washing cycle since it is attached to an arc by which a car passes through as it exists the bay. An on board dryer is usually set at a certain period of time by its controller settings as it does its job in the car wash bay.
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Most of the car washes in the country have a timer with a display screen that indicates how much time they have to dry their vehicle.
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Free standing drying systems, on the other hand, do not have timers because they allow another car to start the washing process while they are drying up the previous car.

Another factor to consider when it comes to picking out the right dryer for your car wash business is the fan type: centrifugal and axial. A centrifugal fan is cheaper to build, so it only makes sense that it is a lot cheaper to purchase as well.

Experts and manufacturers that make both fan types weigh in on the drying systems.

They also argue that even though centrifugal fans cost less, axial fan type is more efficient as regards to its design since they are designed like a jet engine.

Experts say that axial fans with 10 horsepower each will more or less create around 9,600 cubic feet of air.

Expert advice come from different experiences, which is why some would tell you to buy a 40 horsepower axial fan for an 80 car an hour line.

But if you are looking to save up on electricity, you should always go for axial fans because they use less energy. While centrifugal fans are a lot more affordable, axial fans dry vehicles a lot faster, which makes them more energy efficient because they get the job done faster. Dryer systems usually cost along the $7,000 to $25,000 range, depending on the fan type you choose.

Your drying system needs should not be based so much on price as on the size of your in-bay automatic space. Dryer system manufacturers usually have several size options so that you will be able to pick the right size for your business.