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The Meaning of YouTube Views

Thanks to technology, the world has become a better place to live. YouTube as a social networking network has made life for individuals even better as individuals and organizations can share experiences to an even larger scope. Bearing in mind that YouTube tends to be one of the largest video platform in the world, the moment one posts a video on the platform, the higher the chances that it will have more views. It is due to the fact that some platforms are larger than others that most people prefer to stick to the larger ones for both learning, teaching, entertaining as well as getting entertained. In actual facts, YouTube is one of the tools which have contributed greatly to changing the world and its happenings.

Video as a tool of entertainment and learning happens to be the largest contributor of perceptions in human history and consequently the largest school in the world. One would need to understand that audiovisual content tend to create more permanent impact on human brain as compared to text. Most people prefer audio-visual due to the fact that it is more like face to face communication with a very slight difference as one cannot ask questions.

With realization that many visual contents tend to stick to the brain more as compared to text content, more and more scholars have opted to utilize videos in learning. Unlike text, one can know whether the content he or she just uploaded has an impact on people’s life or not. It would, therefore, be wise for one to check the impact of a video he or she has posted on the platform by checking for the number of views. While videos with more views tend to have more impact and inspiration to people, those with lesser views tend to have a lesser impact. As a result, one can learn from the previous video views and hence upload even a better video to the YouTube the next time he or she does so.
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To the viewers, there are indicators that some video are more entertaining or educating. There are some videos that attract so many views over a very short period of time as compared to others. As an audience, the more views a video clip has, the more chances the video clip in question is entertaining and vice versa. One would need to figure out the best videos by the number of views the videos in question have received over time. When it comes to education, one would need various perceptions pertaining a given topic by various speakers.
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Various lectures on various topics have been delivered differently with some topics receiving higher viewership as compared to others.