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Is it possible to wash fur rugs and rugs with a washing machine?

Check the maintenance guide label on your feather rug and rug before inserting it into the washing machine. How to wash carpet rugs depends on the strength of knits and materials. Some rugs should not even be washed. Woven and woven rugs are usually tough enough to be washed using a washing machine. However, you should provide adequate protection for both types of rugs, one way is to wrap them in pillowcases or cotton bags so that the rug does not come into direct contact with the washing machine tube and minimize the risk of damage. In addition to the two types, most rugs and feather rugs are too sensitive to fit the washing machine washable.



How to clean carpet fur and rug made from sensitive?

Extra caution is required when cleaning rugs and sensitive fur carpets. Be careful in choosing a cleanser and be careful in handling it. In addition, this process can take more time. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, leave it to professional carpet cleaning services and rugs.

  • For daily grooming, flick the tapestries and feather rugs outdoors to knock them down. Place a thin, fibrous cloth, such as a lightweight cotton pillow and filter cloth, on a rug.
  • Dust of dust on the fabric-covered rug. Dust will be sucked through the cracks of cloth fibers without damaging the carpet rugs.
  • To remove obvious stains, use as much as possible with homemade cleansers by using the materials at home. A mixture of detergents, vinegar, and warm water is a great choice to clean rugs and sensitive fur carpets.
  • To overcome the unpleasant smell, especially the smell of pets and the smell of cigarettes, sprinkle rugs and fur rugs with baby powder. Allow all night to allow the powder to absorb the odor, then suction the powder using a vacuum cleaner.

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