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Getting More Value from Alarm Systems

In 2017, theft and burglary accounted for nearly 40% of crimes in Houston. That number doesn’t even include violent crimes or other property damages, but if you’re considering calling an alarm company Houston crime statistics offer many reasons an alarm system would be a good decision.

Preventing Break-ins & Thefts

In most cases, break-ins tend to be random targets, and last-minute decisions. Reformed thieves say to prevent a burglary, a strong deterrent is needed, like a security system. An alarm is the first point of defense because it alerts neighbors and passerby’s that someone is probably breaking into a residence or business.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, everyone should analyze their security needs. Houses and apartments are not all the same, as well as the needs of those who live there, fortunately in the field of security, anti-theft systems have made giant steps and you can find customized solutions.

Anti-theft systems today are available that communicate with smartphones and tablets, others that send text messages to signal an intrusion, and others that take into account the presence of pets. But, these systems are budget-friendly, and simple to install.

A basic wireless anti-theft system consists of:

  • Anti-theft control unit – is the brain of the system, manages multiple functions and components and, in the event of an intrusion, activates the siren.
  • Motion sensors – are the eyes of the anti-theft system, the components that identify abnormal presences within protected areas.
  • External siren – component to be installed outside, it is useful to attract the attention of passersby and neighbors and to discourage thieves.
  • Sensors for doors and windows – also called magnetic contacts, are activated by opening the windows.
  • Remote controls/keypads/electronic keys – these are products necessary for activating/deactivating the entire anti-theft system.
  • Wireless anti-theft systems are also expandable with additional and optional components.

    Many people decide to combine alarm systems with lifesaving sensors like devices that allow to detect and report immediately any dangerous situations such as the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide, gas leaks or detect and signal flooding of the premises caused by water leaks. Combining systems like these increase the safety of the premises and people living inside, but also can offer discounts on homeowners and renters insurance.

Taking Additional Measures

In addition to other security measures, such as alarms, you should always take additional steps to secure your home. Keep in mind, a good lock will help to defend oneself from bad guys and thieves who want to break into the home. One-third of the burglaries occur right through the front entryway. It’s not a guarantee but secure locks slow down intruders.

Also, if you leave for the holidays, do not share this information on social media; it’s an invitation to thieves. Experts also recommend external lights in strategic points like stairways and entry and exits. Lights make it even more difficult for thieves to carry out crime because the risk of being seen is too high.

Avoid unpleasant surprises by having an alarm system installed. There’s a system to fit all budgets and it installation is fast.