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Concept of inverter technology in refrigerators


Tired of seeing high electricity bills every month? If you wish to save it big on your monthly bill, then you might consider some of the most advanced technology for your home appliances like refrigerators. The latest inverter technology in refrigerators is making a revolution for bringing about highenergy efficiency.Let us explain the inverter technology being used in refrigerators today and how it can help you in saving on your monthly bills.

What is Inverter Technology in Refrigerators?

Inverter technology in refrigerator is the one that is fitted with the new generation of inverter compressors. An inverter compressor is capable of running at different speeds as per the load on the particular electrical appliance. Therefore, there is no extra expenditure of energy even when the load of the fridge is less.

When the appliance runs at slow speeds, it is able to utilize energy in an energy-efficient manner. This is in contrast to the time when the appliance it running at high speed. The conventional fridge appliances were equipped with just a one-speed compressor. This compressor utilizes the overall energy of the electrical appliance equally irrespective of the load and its working speed. As a result, even when the fridge is running on load and less speed, then also the one-speed compressor would consume higher levels of energy. The temperature in the appliances with the one-speed compressor is maintained by running the compressor to its highest speed until the temperature of the fridge reaches its maximum point (preferably 2-3 degrees below the set temperature) and then the compressor stops by itself. It would then restart when the temperature in the fridge becomes 1-2 degrees above the set temperature. This way of functioning of the one-speed compressor in the conventional refrigerators is highly inefficient. As a result, you get more figures on your monthly bill.

Working of the Inverter Technology in Modern Refrigerators

In an inverter technology refrigerator, the inverter compressor does not stop its working. The energy-efficient compressor in the inverted fridge technology runs at an average slow speed. This speed is sufficient to maintain the required temperature in the fridge environment. Therefore, there is no wastage of energy or power in an inverted compressor as it does not take up extra power to restart itself. This compressor runs very efficiently at lower speeds and maintains the overall temperature of the fridge.

Benefits of Refrigerators with Inverted Compressor Technology

  • You can expect a substantial decrease in your monthly bills that is around 40{95557cfba7c8e53d4240af02a6da8379adbd73438ea32c73f5607ac839db7977} less than that consumed by the ordinary fridge with the one-speed compressor.


  • In addition to this, the inverted compressors tend to be very silent in their functioning in comparison to the traditional compressors which make a lot of buzzing sound. The modern-age refrigerators would not startle you with their sudden noise as the compressor does not have to undergo the process of starting itself again.


  • Inverter technology refrigerators are free from common complaints and tend to last for a longer period of time.


  • As the inverter compressor in the advanced refrigerators run at a slow speed and in a relaxed manner, there are no shock loads on the overall system. This is unlike the conventional one-speed compressors with the start-stop-start cycle.


  • The temperature setting in an inverter fridge closely matches to that of the temperature set by the thermostat of the fridge.


Now that you are aware of the basic concept of the energy-efficient modern-age refrigerators with inverted compressor technology, you can make your wise decision about bringing the home appliance with the same specifications. This would help you save a lot on your monthly electricity bills. Save energy, save money!