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Pros and Cons of Wood Floor Advantages and Weaknesses of Wood Floor

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Types of Wood Floors circulating in the market has a type of Solid, Engineered and Laminated. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages, the following advantages and disadvantages:


1.     Solid Wood Flooring

This type of wood floor is a floor made of real wood. This type is formed to resemble a panel-shaped wooden floor and has a gap that makes it easy to install. The solid wood floor also has more thickness than Engineered and Laminated, the thickness of this floor type is on average between 1.5 to 2.2 cm. Another advantage is the appearance of the wood fibers can be seen and also the most powerful among other types of wood floors. If you looking for a best wood I recommendation you to visit driftwood hardwood floor

Although many advantages, but this solid wood floor also has shortcomings, among others, is wood is not resistant to changes in weather is the wood will experience expansion or shrink if not treated properly.


2.     Wooden Engineered Flooring

This type of floor is also called multi-layer. Wooden floors are similar to solid wood floor is in the making with solid wood cut into pieces with a certain thickness which is then stacked crossed the horizontal and vertical. The piles of solid wood are then pressed to become solid. The upper part is then covered with a protector so that it makes it smooth and dust or dirt does not enter into the sidelines of wood or pores.



home remodeling

Modern House Design

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Having a minimalist home makes one have to think about the concept including the concept of minimalist home interior design. One concept that you can stretch for your minimalist home is a natural concept. The theme of this one concept will provide comfort and beauty in a house so many who choose it as their home theme in addition to the modern concept that is also very much in demand. Then, how to bring a natural impression in a house so as not too excessive and with the right size? You can visit antique and parquet flooring

First, the natural concept for the bedroom
If you want to present a natural concept in your bedroom and private room, try by presenting soft and neutral colors for home furnishings first. You can also choose furniture such as wooden floors and other ornaments that will support your concept. White wall color is still a neutral color for natural shades.

Second, the natural concept for the TV room
One of the family gathering rooms is the TV room, here you can more explore the room. Especially if your family room is near the back garden or yard. Comfortable, beautiful, and natural feeling will be felt. If not, you can present a vase containing fresh flowers or leaves just to complement the green atmosphere in your room.

Third, the natural concept for outdoor space
Not only indoor that you have to pay attention, the space to relax near the yard, pond, and others …