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The Importance of Testing the Water in Your Pool

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One of the biggest investments to your house is having a pool. Taking care of this enjoyable addition requires regular testing of the water. Pools Pittsburgh area can lead to expensive maintenance bills and nasty surprises if not taken care of properly.

Test and Balance Water Chemical Levels

When testing pool water chemicals, there are four chemical levels that are critical to making sure the water is healthy: calcium hardness, pH, free chlorine and total alkalinity. For instance, the right pH balance means you are getting the most out of sanitizing chemicals.

These compounds work together with a water conditioner known as cyanuric acid. This compound is also referred to as sunblock. Keeping each chemical properly balanced helps to keep the water in your pool sparkling and ready for a swim.

You should be prepared to take action of an analysis of the water indicates levels are too high or low for one or more chemicals. Readings will let you know which pool treatment products are necessary to add.

When to Test

Checking for a perfect water balance is an essential first step to determining when to test pools Pittsburg area. It is a good practice to get a water sample a few days before the start of pool season. Take the sample to a pool store to have it professionally analyzed.

Continuing to do this once a month helps to ensure the water stays perfectly balanced throughout pool season.

Effects of Adverse Weather

Another time to test the water …

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Clever Ways of Making Space in Your Home

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How are you in the space department in your home? Do you have plenty of extra space or are you running out? If you are like most people, you are running out of space. Maybe your house is small or maybe it is large, regardless your housing arrangements, you need more space. Did you know that it is possible to make more space without getting a bigger house or even parting with your stuff (although, you do need to declutter)? It is all in how you are currently using your space which you reside in. It is possible to make extra space in your home without knocking down a couple of walls. According to an article on This Old House, there are plenty of clever ways that you can rearrange your current space into a larger space. The main trick is to use every square foot of your home wisely and with purpose. Some of the projects the article discussed include: putting together a storage chest, building storage beneath your bed, using a storage ottoman, utilizing a mudroom bench, building a wall-hung TV cabinet, setting up a countertop wine rack, building a knee-wall dresser, arranging a garden bench with hidden storage, using a coat rack, using a desk with storage cubbies, using a magazine storage rack, and building a kid’s toy chest. According to another article, before you start filling your new storage space, you need to get rid of things you have been holding onto but …