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Best Ceiling Fans to Buy Online

Ceiling fans are very popular in hot climate countries. These fans only move air and do not directly change its temperature. Ceiling fans have a mechanism to reverse the direction in which the blades push the air and helps in cooling as well as heating. They help you save money, create a classic look, and keep you cool.

There are some points to keep in mind while purchasing a ceiling fan such as the blade span, design and mounting kits that largely influence how to select the best fan. Additional features such as airflow efficiency, handheld remote control, warranty ensures the selection of the right instrument. Here are few best ceiling fans that you can consider purchasing:

Havells Ambrose 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells fans are constructed considering the style and give simple cleaning as well as lasting usage. This appliance incorporates blade set, fan motor, shackle kit, canopy set and twisted wire. It has got a metallic paint finish and gives an optimum performance even at low voltage. The motor comes with a decorative ring and has got decorative trims on the canopy and blades. It gives an optimum performance even at low voltage. It uses a power of 72 watts and has been rated a 3.9 out of 5.

Atomberg Gorilla Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan

Atomberg’s Gorilla fans are one of the best ceiling fans you can buy this summer. The Gorilla fan is super-energy efficient and light on the pocket hence gaining popoularity amongst buyers. They are available in different sizes from 900mm to 1400mm. Gorilla fans consume just 28 Watts at the highest speed as compared to other brands in the market. Atomberg’s fan uses BLDC technology, each Gorilla fan results in a saving of Rs 1000-Rs 1500 per year depending on usage and electricity rates. The fan comes with a smart remote control, which has speed control, sleep and timer mode. There is a 3-year replacement warranty on the product. You can visit to know more about the energy efficient ceiling fan and it’s attributes, this information will not only help you to make the right decision but will also save a lot on your pocket.

Crompton Aura Decorative High Speed Ceiling Fan

You can opt for Crompton Aura ceiling fan if you want to save energy and good looking fan. This appliance has got border blades that end with more width and enhances to give more air. It has got a golden ring in the centre and a matching canopy that gives an enhancing design. It has a 1200 MM of blade sweep and speed of 360 RPM. It uses a motor of 74 watts which uses 220-230 volts of operating voltage and is available with a warranty of 2 years.

Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling Fan

Bajaj New Bahar fan has double ball bearing, ribbed blades, high power torque motor and has a high- speed fan with a rust free power coated finish design. It has got a sweep speed of 1200 MM but a lower RPM speed. It has a powerful motor of 73 watts but low speed settings with one year warranty. Priced at a low amount, this is one fan you can go for without having to spend much.

Luminous Lumaire Underlight Ceiling Fan

Luminous has introduced the most advanced technology fan which is priced low. It comes with an under-light below motor which comes along with a remote control to operate it such as increase or decrease the speed and switch the fan on or off. It has got 80 watts of powerful motor which gives a speed of 350 RPM to the fan and a sweep speed of 1200 MM. The fan also gives out a dim light which can be used for reading books. It is available with a warranty of 1 year.

Crompton Uranus 72- Watt Ceiling Fan

For those who are looking for a well attractive and high elegant design ceiling fan with lights, Crompton Uranus ceiling fan is your choice to go for. This appliance has 3 designed lights and 4 blades to give more air in less power. This ceiling fan has a 1200 MM of sweep speed along with a blade speed of 320 RPM. It has 72 watts of powerful motor to give cool air for a long time without catching any heat with a warranty of 2 years. There is no separate on or off switch for the lights and fans, you must pull a cord to switch on or switch off all bulbs together.