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A Quick Guide to Tile Layouts

It’s one thing to pick out the tiles that you like, but its another thing to then decide how you are going to install them. We’re not talking about installation methods, rather, the layout and style of your tiles. You might not be aware, but there are hundreds of different ways you could install your tiles. From herringbone to running bond and offset to diamond, lets take a look at some of the different ways you can bring your tiles to life.


Massively rising in popularity, herringbone is the most sought after layout at the moment. The style is most typically associated with wood flooring, but the layout is also incredibly popular with tiles too. Although the installation is a little more time consuming, the effort is more than paid back in style and design. Herringbone works by installing the tiles in a sort of offset zigzag. This creates a lot of visual interest and is great for both vintage and contemporary looks.

Stack Bond

The stack bond is the most popular layout used be metro tiles. Metro wall tiles are hugely on trend right now since they can adapt perfectly to both modern and classic interiors. Their heavy use on the London Underground in the early 1900s is what propelled them in to notoriety where they have remained ever since. For this traditional look, the stack bond is used. The tiles are simply installed on top of each other to form a concise and clean cut look. Alternatively, you can use metro tiles with an offset stacked bond if you would rather your tiles had a little more movement.

Running Bond

Another way of using brick tiles is to install them using the running bond method. This sees the tiles installed vertically and offset. This is great if your need to make a wall or floor appear elongated. The repeat pattern can lengthen any floor or wall seamlessly to create the illusion of more space.


Instead of just installing your tiles straight, you could try a diamond pattern instead. All that this involves is turning a square tile so that the corners on both sides are lined up vertically to make a diamond. This is a fairly easy way to layout your tiles but can help to be more aesthetically pleasing than the normal brick style layout. Diamond tiles are also ideal for slightly more vintage or even victorian inspired homes.


Often mistaken for herringbone, chevron is actually far more consistent in layout. Rather than offset, chevron is installed with lines in mind. Much like the chevrons you see on road markings, chevron tiles are installed in a formatted zigzag design. This is also a great way of creating dimension and character to your floors and walls.

The way you choose to install your tiles can help to create interior themes, be more aesthetically pleasing and really help to make the most of the tile you have picked. Getting clued up about these layouts will help to quicken the process from start to finish.