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3 Type of Transaction Purchase Online

With the growing trend of buying and selling online now (CrazySales), of course, bringing more and more people who want to try online, either as a seller or as a buyer of goods. They are the perpetrators of buying and selling online, both sellers and buyers would want the transaction process safe and convenient for both parties. However, where there are opportunities, there are also sure there are those irresponsible parties who want to take advantage of gaps ignorance of the perpetrators of buying and selling online.For more Information, you can visit bar stools


Here players online purchase increasingly demanded to know more about the process, risks and save of an online transaction. On the other hand, when this type of online transactions are also increasingly diverse ranging from the conventional type where buyers and sellers must advance in the process of using a transaction until the transaction process automatically without having to meet.

Therefore, for you are the perpetrators of online trading and especially for those of you who still lay on the transaction cyberspace, seems to be listening to the article about the 3 types of buying and selling on the internet most common in world following.

1. Inter bank Transfer
Transactions by way of bank transfer is the most common type of transaction and popularly used by online retailers. In addition to simple enough, this type of transaction also facilitates the process of confirming that the funds can be quickly checked by the beneficiary / seller. Her process is the first buyer has agreed to send funds after the funds were received, the seller will send the promised goods transactions.

Shortage of inter bank transactions is the needed trust from buyers before deciding to send the funds. Here it is not uncommon in cases of fraud, after the funds sent it turns out the goods never received.See also this link bar stools online


 Credibility or reputation of the seller can be a benchmark for the buyer. One of the tips is a credible seller usually has had cooperation with banks that are used to process transactions. That way we can fund security is guaranteed.

For buyers, when in doubt the credibility of the seller, then we should look for information about the person on the internet prior to transfer money. We can find information about the person’s business, bank account number, phone number, reviews of previous buyers, and others, by typing a few lines of words on the Google search engine. If the person had caught the problem of fraud or non-current transactions then you should first undo the intention to transfer.

2. COD (Cash On Delivery)
In fact COD system still adheres to the old way that the meeting between seller and buyer. Usually this is done in a transaction system of buying and selling between person to person and generally COD is used for the second item for both the buyer should check with the state of the goods.

The advantage of this system is between the seller and the buyer could more freely in the transaction process. Buyers can see the details of the items to be purchased, and also lets not bargaining. The transaction type popularized by websites selling like, trade and many other websites selling.

Disadvantages of this system is the safety of both sellers and buyers. Because maybe just those who might find are people who intend evil to us. Therefore tips that can be done is to determine a safe transaction can be in a crowd or go with someone who can look after us.
For your information, there are many people who intend evil to take advantage of this COD system. We can read about the incidence of fraud and selling the COD system in forum. To add to our knowledge, it’s good reading some threads in Forum about fraud with the mode of buying and selling by means of COD.Following this link for more information online shopping Australia

3. Joint Account
Type of online transaction latter is to use a joint account or also referred to as escrow. Method of payment is a little different with the payment through bank transfer. If the bank transfer, it is a third party bank, while the Joint Account system that became the third party is a payment institution that has been trusted by both sellers and buyers.

In this case the payment institution’s role is very important. The process is the first buyer transfers funds to the institution Joint Account . Once funding is confirmed entry, then the Joint Account ask the seller to send the goods that have been agreed. And if the goods had reached new funds to be provided to the salesperson.

With this system the funds provided by the buyer can be secured. Because the funds will only be released if the stuff really is at hand. If any problems occur, funds can be withdrawn by the buyer.